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Remote access your equipment

Connect to your investment through your mobile devices.

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Fault reporting with status indication

Use the Nist On/off or schedule controller

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Monitor protection

- overload high power
- over current
- power factor
- phase failure
- phase imbalance
- phase rotation
- over and under voltage

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NIST Control Systems

NIST Control Systems Pty LTD specializes in the protection and control of electric AC motors and their driven systems, e.g. pumps, air-raters etc.

Our first patented phase angle method-based controllers were released in the early 80’s. In the intervening years NIST Control Systems Pty LTD has gained a widespread acceptance in the industry and respect from competitors. This has been achieved mainly by integrating the electronic control circuit into a customized I.C. which was applied in the “PHANGLE” series. Microprocessors improved in the early 90’s making it possible to develop a controller based on power control: the “NIST M2000”.

Currently our main product line is the Motorscope range, which are power control relays designed according to the latest technology and standards.  These controllers are fitted with Blue Tooth and a RS232 output to give them the power of communication with our own developed Optimizer, Mobi board and the latest is to connect to your Smartphone that allows variable settings changes, and Trip Data made visibille on site on a colour screen which can be shared via Email, Whatsapp, Telegram etc.

The latest which is the WIFI enabled Supra_R3 even offers real time connectivity through which the Motor can be remotely switched and status changes made visible. Via MQTT to WIFI.

As our customer is top priority, we ensure customer service & satisfaction with quality products.

Fault Finding

Remote access your investment, check performance and working schedules.


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