Uno Panel 1.5 kW

Complete Single Phase Motor Protection and Starter

The power used by a working system varies with the application, but must stay within safe limits. Power consumption outside of this range indicates a faulty motor or system.

General Features:
The load or power consumption is measured at the input to the motor. There are several methods of calibration, for example, when the calibration button is pressed OR the NCS toolbox app, the MOTORSCOPE defines the safe range for the system. The motor must, at the time of any calibration, run under normal working conditions. The power supply has to be correct and stable, this is checked continuously. The MOTORSCOPE keeps the motor running as long as the safe limits are not exceeded.

Communication and optimisation:
The MOTORSCOPE has a RS232 output and Bluetooth for communication with an  OPTIMISER or SMARTPHONE. The SMARTPHONE/OPTIMISER is used to improve settings, as an installation aid and for more detailed fault indication. It also offers a Calibration Wizard. The SMARTPHONE / OPTIMISER can carry the data of the last 100/43 motor stops to be transferred to a PC or viewed on our App(NCS toolbox) respectively.

Special Timers:
The Motorscope includes a Sequencer, Scheduler and an Aux Restart Delay.

Up to six time sequences after a Power on restart with optional continuous repetition. Example wait 10s to start after power on.

Up to eight real time seven day timers with time to start and length of time to run.

Aux Restart Delay:
Delay timer for when the Aux and Com terminals are connected together. Example, Aux connected to a pressure switch without a pressure vessel. So pressure drops immediately after switch off. The Aux Restart Delay could then be used to delay the restart.


Additional information


Over-load (e.g. pump jammed)
Under-load (e.g. run-dry)
Not against lightning


RECOVERY TIMER: The Uno Panel has a Recovery Timer to allow a bore-hole to fill up before a restart attempt is made (after a run-dry condition).
This timer is manually adjustable from 4 minutes to 16 hours.

AUXILIARY INHIBIT: The Uno Panel has an Auxiliary Inhibit input which stops the motor when the circuit between AUX and COM is OPEN.

REAL-TIME CLOCK: The Uno Panel has a real-time clock. This allows the unit to store the date and time (year, month, day, hour, minute) of each one of the last 100 trips.

SCHEDULAR: Timer function with 8 timers. 7 Day 24 Hour timers. Setable with a start time and a duration time.

SEQUENCER: 6 Time functions that begins at Motorscope Start-Up . With a ON or OFF duration.
Example: 10sec Delay when power comes up after load shedding, for the voltage to stabilize.

Technical Specifications

Motor Voltage: 240VAC
Current Range: 1→20 Amp
Power Range: 1.1→2.2 kW
Frequency Range: 40→70 Hz
Consumption: 3 VA
Cos Phi Range: 0→1 Inductive
Temp Range: -15→+70°C
Weight: ± 1.8 kg
Dimensions: 158 x 238 x 100 mm

Optional Extras

Built-in Optimizer: The built-in optimizer has a 32 character LCD screen and enables one to see and adjust all parameters of the unit.


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